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About Us

Our Bed and Breakfast is an historic farm house, built in 1911. You enter another time and place when you stay with us: it evokes memories of a more carefree time where days slowed down a bit and the mind relaxed; a huge wraparound porch beckons as just the spot for reading a good book or having a nice coffee or a cup of tea. We have a brook across the house, farmland behind that and the mountains rising from that point—a little heaven on earth. 
Many B&B’s put their keys in a box at the front door, but we are personally here to make our guests feel sincerely welcomed and appreciated. The views from our rooms make you feel that you are truly in the country even though the city is just a short drive away. As much as possible, we try to make every request a reality:  we try to have something available for a special occasion. 
Our European cuisine has been one of our hallmarks, and we strive to show a new world of eating enjoyment. We accommodate dietary requests from vegan to gluten free. There are free beverages available in the rooms and in the foyer where you can also pick up a piece of cake or some cookies. Our rooms are well maintained, and we have made each room 
different. No cookie cutter rooms here. We like to have as often as possible fresh flowers throughout the Inn making it all inviting. For those that have never enjoyed a B&B before, we try to explain the difference in the experience they will have with us versus a Hotel: this is our home, so we view each of our guests as another new friend to enjoy. We try to strikea balance of being available for a chat or making their area a quiet, calm place if solitude is what they crave. 

If return bookings means success, then we are a success! We have guests who come back year after year. We know that you cannot totally please everyone, but we do take comments seriously. If there is something we can change, we try to do it immediately. We feel strongly about making this a stay that will be remembered and talked about. We feel a real responsibility for giving our guests an optimal experience. We hope the memories you are adding here will be remembered for years to come.